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Why 3D Design Tools over Adobe Illustrator?

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

In the vibrant and ever changing world of Fashion Design, having the right tools can make all the difference. Let's delve into a comparison between Clo3D and Adobe Illustrator, two powerful creative software's that cater to the distinct needs of the fashion industry.

1. 3D Visualization: CLO3D stands out for its remarkable 3D garment visualisation and simulation capabilities, allowing designers to create realistic clothing designs and observe how they drape and fit on virtual models. In contrast, Adobe Illustrator excels in 2D vector graphics, and for this reason, remains a large part of the design process.

2. Realistic Prototyping: CLO3D empowers designers to craft lifelike virtual prototypes of garments, simulating fabric properties and ensuring designs translate seamlessly into reality. This feature is especially invaluable in the fashion industry where precision is paramount. View the scale of prints & trims, check colourways and fabric draping all in real time. Finished high resolution renders provide imagery worthy of high quality marketing materials including turntable imagery and animation with realistic fabric, trim, stitch and print detail.

3. Efficiency in Fashion Design: Tailored for Fashion, CLO3D streamlines the design process with specialised tools for pattern creation, fabric simulation, and fitting adjustments in a 3D environment. This can substantially reduce sampling by allowing the creative team to review, adapt, and adjust prior to the creation of final samples.

4. Pattern Making and Grading: CLO3D integrates pattern making and grading, simplifying the creation of accurate patterns for various sizes. CLO3D has a fantastic symmetry feature that allows automatic mirroring of pattern adjustments, sewing and arrangement. Speeding up the pattern creation, construction and visualisation whilst minimising errors.

5. Cost Efficiency: For fashion professionals focused on garment design, CLO3D often presents a more cost-effective solution. It provides specialised features, inclusive of design and pattern-making features at a lower price point compared to the broader Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

6. Training and Learning Curve: CLO3D’s focused approach makes it beginner-friendly, especially for fashion designers. Illustrator, with its broader range of features, can be more complex, making CLO3D a preferred choice for those new to design. I remember learning Adobe Illustrator many years ago and how steep the learning curve was back then and I think that we are quick to forget just how steep that curve was and how many years it took to perfect and hone our CAD skills. CLO3D, whilst challenging, has a very familiar and user-friendly interface with tools and short keys very reminiscent of Illustrator. Just like anything else, practice in any new software makes perfect! For Designers without adept pattern-cutting knowledge, usage of CLO3D is still completely feasible and offers a new and innovative way to learn and understand not only pattern-cutting but also construction, allowing for a fantastic opportunity for students to learn the process.

Ultimately, the choice between CLO3D and Illustrator hinges on the specific needs of the project and the expertise of the designer. Each tool offers unique strengths, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every creative endeavour.

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