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1. Services:

Our services encompass Freelance Digital Design, Digital Design Training, Digital Design Consultation, and content delivery through Blog Posts , Podcast, Newsletter, Downloadable Resources. Our shop features purchasable digital assets.

2. User Responsibilities:

(a) View, print, and stream content for personal use.

(b) Download specified materials for personal use, excluding systematic or excessive printing.

(c) Use services under a relevant subscription.

(d) Use the website only for personal purposes.

(e) Not download or save material except as expressly permitted.

(f) Not use the website for unlawful or harmful purposes.

(g) Not edit or modify website material.

(h) Not circumvent access restrictions on the website.

3. Intellectual Property:

All intellectual property rights remain vested in Fashion Toolbox. Purchasing a course grants a non-transferable license for personal, non-commercial use. Materials must not be shared or distributed to third parties.

4. Prohibited Actions:

(a) Actions causing damage or impairment to the website.

(b) Unlawful, illegal, fraudulent, or harmful use of the website.

(c) Hacking or tampering with the website.

(d) Probing or testing vulnerabilities without permission.

(e) Circumventing authentication or security systems.

(f) Using the website for malicious software.

(g) Anything interfering with the normal use of the website.

5. Link to Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy

6. Fees:

(a) Fees as set on the website or via email communications.

(b) Payment in advance in accordance with instructions on the website.

(c) Variation of fees by posting on the website.

(d) Disputes to be reported immediately.

7. Limitations and Exclusions of Liability:

Liabilities limited as per applicable law. Not liable for events beyond reasonable control. Maximum aggregate liability limited to the total sum paid for the specific service.

8. Events outside our control:

Force Majeure Events suspend performance. We are not liable for failure during such events.

9. Cancellation and Suspension:

We may edit, suspend, or cancel your account at our discretion. You can cancel your account using the account control panel on the website.

10. Governing Law:

These terms are governed by English law, and any disputes are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

Contact Information:

(a) Website contact form.

(b) Email:

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