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The Next Alexander McQueen

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Fashion Design Sketchbooks, fabric swatches, fashion illustrations and garment flats on a table with pens and pencils

A career in Fashion isn't always as straight forward as you envisaged when you first started out!

My journey in the Fashion industry began in 2001 when I started my BTEC National Diploma in Fashion & Clothing, I had always had an interest in Fashion, especially drawing and design, and of course, like so many others I believed I would be the next big designer in the world of Fashion.... it is of course for many of us a pipe dream - and there is no harm in that! It pushes us to work hard and out of our comfort zones to get to where we want in life!

I quickly realised whilst at college that Fashion was really fast paced, and it is one of the many things I wished people had warned me before I threw myself into the industry.... But I knew no-one involved in the industry and back then social media and the opportunities to Network were practically none existent! (Gosh now I sound old!!)

Fast forward to today and I am a Product Manager for a PPE company specialising in Armour and Apparel for the special forces! This is in no way the career that I had envisaged for myself, but, I wouldn't change it for the world.

Now I am happy in my career and the things I have achieved in life, it really made me reflect on my education and the insights into the industry that I have had... and I have to say - it really hasn't been an easy ride. The industry can be cruel, but we were not all born to live in the same mould of the cut-throat mentality and I want to help people.

I soon began to notice in gap in skills as I progressed in my positions and noticed more and more students were graduating university without the required skills to full-fill a role in the industry, and I feel this is scandalous.

When I think back to when I first started out, I know that had a have been given advice and guidance on my career, things could have been a lot easier (and more straight forward)

And so, Fashion Toolbox was born - a platform to support students, and individuals from all stages in their career with guidance, help and insights from industry professionals to really help kick start your career in the right direction!

I will be sharing weekly Blog Posts and Video Logs on and a fortnightly Podcast @TheFashionToolbox podcast available on all major Podcast platforms!

Be sure to subscribe and follow to keep up to date with all the latest 'tools' for your Fashion Toolbox!

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